Meet Dr. Charles Smith

As an orthodontist, I am able to make my patients’ lives better by improving their bite and smile. This is a life-changing experience for so many, and one that has changed my life as well. I can’t imagine the thought of not coming in to work each day to see so many smiling faces, let alone retirement! Orthodontics has truly been a wonderful profession.

Our team is exceptional; they really care about our patients, and I can tell it’s not just a job for them. We have a lot of fun working together! Their combined years of working together averages over 25 years each. I think that is amazing and says so much about their dedication to our profession and caring for patients.

I also feel so fortunate to have Dr. Brian Broadwell join our practice. He is very exceptional and brings a new dimension of orthodontic care to our community. I feel the Shuswap area is very fortunate to have him and his family join our community.

Education and Beyond

I first became interested in a healthcare career when I was quite young. My grandmother had two brothers who were specialists at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and medicine was talked about a lot. I was further influenced when I was in high school and a close friend had orthodontic treatment. He was a cleft palate patient and orthodontic treatment dramatically changed his personality and his life. It’s a change I’ve seen many times in my own patients.

After earning my BSc in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1966, I continued on to receive my Doctorate of Dental Surgery in Edmonton, at the University of Alberta, in 1970. In order to specialize in orthodontics, I earned my Graduate Degree in Orthodontics in Oregon in 1976.

I have always had a passion for learning, and that didn’t stop after my formal education was complete. I graduated from the FACE Foundation/Roth-Williams in 1984 and I am still active in the Roth Williams Study Club in San Francisco. I have also attended a Roth Study Group in Vancouver for 25 years. A typical day there is an intense meeting were we forget about food and drink for eight to nine hours and come away exhausted but revitalized.

Professional Affiliations

  • Salmon Arm Dental Society
  • Interior Association of Orthodontists
  • British Columbia Society of Orthodontists
  • Alberta Society of Orthodontists
  • Canadian Association of Orthodontists
  • Canadian Dental Association
  • British Columbia Dental Association
  • British Columbia College of Dental Surgeons
  • Thompson Okanagan Dental Society
  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists
  • Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontists
  • Roth Williams Study Club in San Francisco
  • Vancouver Roth Study Club

Outside the Office

Every day that goes by leaves me feeling blessed to have lived in the Salmon Arm or Shuswap area on a large acreage or farm for the last 44 years. I feel fortunate to have travelled the world but no matter where I go, Salmon Arm remains, in my opinion, the best place in the world to live. It’s interesting for me to hear from so many people in our community who say the same thing about the Shuswap region.

My wife of 45 years, Judy, has made my wonderful life possible. Not only did I find heaven on earth but also being able to spend it with my best friend and kindred spirit. How could it get any better? In addition, I have two amazing children, one of whom, Jamie, lives just down road with his family and two children, Toby and Rose. My daughter Laurie lives in the Vancouver area with her husband Rod and daughter Neve. Pets are many and include horses, dogs, and several cows and calves. We live on the outskirts of Salmon Arm with an amazing wildlife area and corridor crossing our property.

You will likely find me farming or ranching when I am not at the office. Judy and I have recently started The Marionette Winery with our son and his wife, so we will be busy out in the vines or in the winery for the next few years.  

I am passionate about so many things and am so lucky to have a life full of so many things I love: helping my kids with building or fixing up their homes and properties; traveling and golfing with my wife; horses and riding in the mountains; spending time with my grandchildren; playing a game of pool with a couple of good friends.